Passivhaus Details

10th January 2022

We work closely with companies like MBC Timber Frame to create Passivhaus details for our projects. The image above shows a Passive Slab detail installed by MBC on a recent Self Build project is Shropshire. This particular detail looks to reduce thermal bridging at threshold and wall to floor junctions.

We work with a number of companies depending on cost, quality and budget requirements for each client in order to aid clients to make an informed decision on construction methods. Most of our projects use Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) typically, Timber Frame, SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) or ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork).

Each of these construction methods have endless variations through different suppliers for instance ICF may be supplied companies such as Durisol who utilise woodcrete for the formwork or Nudura who use polystyrene. There are many examples other examples and endless possibilities which we can discuss further.


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