Courtyard House, South Wales

The clients wanted a house that wrapped itself around a courtyard, sitting at the foot of a mountain with stunning views down the valley. They regularly hold dinner parties for 20+ people so large and luxurious open plan areas were a requirement.

Inspired by the form of the Mountain at the foot of which the site sits, we explored the way in which mountains are forced up through the ground by tectonic plates. The client wanted an earth sheltered house which exploited the gorgeous landscape which surrounds the site. We gently stepped the structure to follow the landscape, before having the end erupt from the ground; again taking inspiration from the mountains, allowing the master bedroom to look across the green roof, planted in vernacular flora, for an uninterrupted view.

We sought inspiration from other buildings within theĀ area for materials. The main structure of the building will be constructed from welsh stone which will give the building a high capacity to retain thermal energy; whilst cladding the exterior in vertical larch boards.

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