Church Street Housing Development, Ellesmere

This is a development of 10 new dwellings of varying sizes that demonstrates the potential for a positive impact in a sensitive development. The principle factors in establishing the site layout that we took into account were the views to and from The Mere, the position of access points, the existing surrounding development and the positioning of existing trees and features, and the need to retain the natural habitat for wildlife and animals. The mix of units offers housing to suit a wide range of potential occupants and will blend well with the current built fabric of the town. The landscaping of the public and private amenity spaces takes its cue both from a desire to protect the existing biodiversity of the site and from the principal features on the site: the boundary with Cremorne Gardens, mature trees and The Mere itself. We wanted to create a high quality ‘gateway’ to the town’s principal  natural asset, The Mere, and to promote stronger links between this lake and the town.

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