Whixall, Fenns and Bettisfield Mosses Visitor Centre, Shropshire

As featured on BBC's Countryfile (Jan 2017)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b088q2kd/countryfile-shropshire (46:00)

A project that looks to link the Mosses with a new visitor centre; making the nature reserve as accessible as possible. The structure will utilise and recycle as much of the materials on the site as possible, clad in the variety or coloured corrugated sheets of iron left from the scrap yard, cut and rotated into large shingle like forms to represent and appear as layers of cut peat. The structure of one of the old sheds will be retained and infilled with portacabins and shipping containers clad with reclaimed timber. At the entrance of the visitor centre will stand a 10m tower, made from an upturned shipping container, representing the height at which the Mosses once stood before they were farmed for peat, and will house a look out from which the Mosses can be observed.


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